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Current River Fishing Map

Slideshow of Some of Missouri's Beautiful Upper Current River Fishing Area

The Upper Current River is home to some of the most beautiful country in the state. It is also where some of the best trout fishing in Missouri is located. Even if you don't include Montauk State Park (one of Missouri's 5 trout parks), the fishing down to Akers Ferry is nothing to sneeze at.

Generally speaking, the fishing just below Montauk State Park, down where the Blue Ribbon water begins, is outstanding as some of the rainbows out of the park make their escape. Additionally, brown trout are stocked as well as a few that also have escaped Montauk. This stretch of stream is only missing the virtue of wild fish (trout that is...there are of course native smallmouth and other species) to have it rank with some of the best trout streams anywhere in America.

The blue ribbon water stretches down to Cedar Grove. The fishing is interesting as the habitat waxes and wanes with the water temperature and the periodic infusions of more spring water at various points. The springs are the lifeblood of the trout fishing in the current river as well as other rivers in which the trout survive year 'round.

From Cedar Grove to Akers Ferry, the river is a under White Ribbon regulations of the MDC, See their site for particulars on regs. We hate to describe them here, beacuse if they changed and we forgot to update this page, we'd feel bad about you getting a citation. The fishing is decent down to Akers where the river starts to transition to a smallmouth stream.

Smallmouth fishing on the Current is excellent at least to Big Spring. The canoe traffic can be daunting in Summer months, but the situation is somewhat exagerrated, Nevertheless, we suggest weekday excurions where possible in the Summertime.

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