Our purpose is simple: provide outdoors information for Missouri outdoorspeople in the realms of hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

This website is here for the use of all outdoorsmen in the great state of Missouri. Our goal here is to cover the spectrum of outdoor activities in Missouri-everything from hiking the Ozark Trail to fly fishing for wild trout. The main focus areas of this website will be fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking. Missouri's outdoor opportunities are greatly underrated. From the flat fields and rolling hills of Northern Missouri to the rugged mountain country of the southern Ozarks, there are countless natural wonders in our state. We don't have the high mountains of Montana or the sea-shore of Maine, but Missouri does offer up a wide array of outdoor activities. Missouri is located right in the middle of the country, and we have natural resources that reflect every region of our country. This website is dedicated to helping you find and enjoy those natural resources. We'll talk about the specific "how to" details, and specific places to go, but we'll also include some short stories and descriptions about our treks into the outdoors of Missouri. Enjoy!