Largemouth bass fishing in Missouri is a prized activity featuring bass tournaments and some excellent trophy sized bass. But where are the largemouth bass opportunities greatest? That's what we are going to cover now.

1. Lake of the Ozarks

Let's just get this one taken care of right away. While the state record bass does not hale from this lake (we'll get to that later), it is a safe bet that as many largemouth bass are pulled from this lake as any other in Missouri. While part of the reason for this is the angling pressure present, the lake has been well-managed for largemouth and currently is enjoying a hey-day of largemouth bass success. Just consider the fact that over 500 amateur and professional tournaments are held on this lake each year, and you will have an idea of how good it is. Every largemouth bass fisherman in Missouri, the Midwest, and perhaps the country, will want to experience this phenomenal lake.

2. Bull Shoals Lake

Okay, I gotta be careful here. Much of Bull Shoals Lake is beyond the Show-Me state's borders, but I am not going to leave off the home of Missouri's state record largemouth bass. Weighing in at 13 lbs 14 oz, this bass was a real lunker. Unlike Lake of the Ozarks, Bull Shoals offers more solitude for the fisherman looking for a place all his or her own. Featuring crystal clear water, anglers often fish the lake with much lighter tackle than normally is done. In addition to largemouth bass, Bull Shoals is known for a wide variety of species such as walleye.

3. Truman Lake

This lake would be a relative newcomer to many top largemouth bass fishing lakes in Missouri. Stories of days with fish after fish in the 4 lb to 7 lb size range are becoming commonplace. This is another lake that retains a relatively low density of fishermen, especially in comparison to nearby Lake of the Ozarks. Other great opportunities exist for hybrid bass and walleye.

4. Table Rock Lake

Some folks consider this lake to be not only a top lake in Missouri, but nationwide. Table Rock also plays host to a multitude of bass fishing tournaments...smallmouth bass tournaments are also renowned here! This is another one of Missouri's clear lakes and tackle and approaches are adjusted accordingly.

5. Mark Twain Lake

This relatively turbid lake retains much of the timber that stood in its bed when it was flooded years ago. There is an excellent largemouth bass population, many of trophy size. This lake is the one from our top 5 that is found north of the Missouri River. Though you will not find a lot of the commercial activity prominent at some of the other Missouri lakes, what you will find is fish, and lots of them.

As you make your bass fishing plans, put one of these lakes on your list.